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Like my art and want an original one-of-a-kind painting done in my style?   I'm currently open for commissions.  I can make scenes of your favorite characters or worlds, or maybe a portrait or a rendition of a cool photo you've taken, in watercolor and ink (or ink and marker).  I ship anywhere in the United States (I can also ship to other countries but shipping will cost extra)!  Below are some samples of my work and you can shoot me an email if you have questions or want to start an order!




comparrison photo.jpg


Fractal 41 - Luna On Teacup NO TEXT.jpg


Fractal 42 - Panel 5 FOR FIVRR COMISSION.jpg

Other Examples

Panel 2 - Color.jpg
Strip 38 Panel 2.jpg
Fractal 48 - Green Tower 10 Part 1 - Panel 2.jpg
14 panel 1.jpg
Strip 36 - Panel 4.jpg
Strip #4.jpg
Fractal #40 - Panel 3.jpg
Strip 10 - Treading.jpg
Comic 6.jpg
Background Room.jpg

To Get Started Or For more information!

If you're interested in a commission, email me with questions or ideas for a piece of art and I'm happy to help!

Thanks for submitting!
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