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A New Year, A New Fractal (1-31-24 update!)

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that some Fractal comics are numbered and some just have the publishing date on the title. Until now I wasn't sure where those latter comics should be placed in the reading order. I've reorganized all the comics, and now have a new reading order for the first 62 Fractal comics. It will take a while to adjust the website, but hopefully by the end of next week they will be in their new canonical order! I'll update when I'm done with this shift, but if you want to be notified right away add your email to the email list at the very bottom of the page! It will also alert you when new comics drop.

The story of She Used To Be Fractal is told asynchronistically, so there still should be initial disorientation about what events/comics take place when in the story's timeline, but I moved around a few strips' placement for a better flow. The Green Tower storyline is sequential, but all the "real world" comics jump around over a six-year period of Fractal's life.

I'm also making the full title of the comic more prominent. Previously the end of the title was at the bottom of each comic, but now they will be at the top like this...

She Used To Be Fractal #52 - Transition

Your identity is always in...

I'm currently working on formatting a manuscript to send to publishers to hopefully (one day) publish a graphic novel of the first year of Fractal comics (52 comics for 52 weeks). I've made new headings so each comic looks like this:

I'm grateful to everyone who has read "She Used To Be Fractal" so far. I have so many plans for the future: expanding the supporting cast, fleshing out the interpersonal dynamics of the main cast, and developing a richer Green Tower world. The unfortunate part is right now it's a one-woman operation, so everything takes a long time. I have six Fractal scripts ready to go, but I need to make all the art!

I have a road-map of the complete story, and I hope to finish it one day, but in the meantime I hope you can stick around for the next stage of the comic!

Much Love,

Jonah 💙

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