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Happy Trans Day of Visibility 2024! (Fractal Update)

Thank you to everyone who visited my booth yesterday at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center for their 2024 Trans Day of Visibility in San Jose. It was my first time running an art booth, and I appreciated how friendly and welcoming everyone was who stopped by.

While I've recently been focusing on finishing up the manuscript for She Used To Be Fractal: Year 1, I have a couple of new comics in the oven that are almost done baking. Here's a sneak preview for She Used To Be Fractal #63 - Art Commission:

From sketch to ink to color...

To the new subscribers, welcome! I have a lot of plans for Fractal, Luna, Clena, and the rest in the upcoming months. I'm looking forward to sharing more of Fractal's story with you all!

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