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She Used To Be Fractal #5 - Makeup Plans

Updated: Feb 2

Why did I forget to have...


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C Quinn
C Quinn
19 ก.ย. 2565

Hey! I've migrated over from seeing your post on reddit. I loved all the intracacy and detail in the one piece I saw there. Now, I'm only the 5 pages in, and I'm enamored. I've responded to every page- #4 made my heart hurt in a slightly undefined way; you communicated something there that goes beyond words, a sadness and loss I could only call human. I felt self-recognition in #3, and I was sad, but also comforted, that I'm not alone there. On this one, I just wanted to say: I was a make up artist for a good few years. While I did get a lot of clients who had events or plans, I also had many who…

19 ก.ย. 2565

Wow, thank you! I appreciate not only you taking the time to look at my work, but deeply engaging with it and giving a sweet and thoughtful response. This means a lot to me.

In regards for doing makeup for yourself: absolutely! I need to go again because it was a really nice experience. This time I probably would like to have something to go to afterwards, especially if I feel more confident in outside spaces.

There are 16 more comics released (and new ones each week), so I hope some of those click with you as well! Good or bad I look forward to your feedback.


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